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Roof, Gutter, Solar Panel, Driveway and Patio Cleaning in Spalding, Wisbech, King's Lynn, Peterborough, Holbeach and Long Sutton

Assured Pro Work is a well-trained, experienced and certified company that specialises in roof cleaning and other related services. We offer the work of skilled and experienced people who will quickly and effectively remove all the dirt and moss from your roof, gutter, solar panels, or even driveway and patios.
Our services are better than just the standard roof cleaning procedure. Unlike many other companies, we use standard products to remove the dirt and nonvascular plants, like moss, we continue with a Bio wash.

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We offer a reasonable roof cleaning cost and rest assured, you will be satisfied with the quality of our services.

Roof cleaning is recommended to accomplish regularly. It won't just remove the dirt such as leaves, twigs, seeds, etc., from the roof, but it will prevent the damage. Moreover, a regular house roof cleaning can prevent moss and lichens from growing. Our company is using the best roof moss removal agents that will prevent it from growing back.
If you have solar panels installed on top of your house or near surrounding areas, you need to consider solar panel maintenance. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, allow users who have installed the solution to save a lot of money, and essentially have an independent working system that isn't connected to any central system. But of course, you have to clean the solar panels regularly. Cleaning solar panels is even a more responsible task than simply cleaning the roof or a driveway. During the process of solar panel cleaning, you shouldn’t use any damaging tools, abrasive cleansers, or damage the panels in any way. Needless to say, solar panels shouldn't be scratched by using certain tools to remove the dirt.
When you move into a new house, it feels like the world surrounding it is more colourful. But unfortunately, time goes by, the weather conditions change, and everything affects the condition of the house. It doesn’t look as bright and colourful, and the overall appearance can be described by just one word – tired.
That’s when we can help. The house is not just the roof, gutter, exterior walls, etc., it’s also the patio and the driveways. If the surface is all covered with dirt, mud, moss, or even white or black lichens, it doesn’t add up to the pleasant view.
The gutter is an essential part of any building. Without a gutter, your house wouldn’t be able to guide rain off the roof. As a result, you would get a damaged roof, but more importantly, the facade and the foundation of the house. There is probably no need to mention what water can do to even the most resistant to damaged materials.
But it’s also important to regularly clean the gutter. If you have a ladder, you can use it to reach the gutter and see how many leaves you have inside. Leaves, dirt, seeds, twigs, etc., prevent water from freely falling through the pipe. As a result, your gutter doesn’t work and becomes a place for bacteria and other organic plants to grow. Gutter maintenance is essential to increase the lifespan of your house.

Reasons to choose our services

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?
  • The best costs for roof cleaning
  • We use non-damaging cleaning products
  • We clean more than dirt - remove moss, lichens, etc., and prevent it from growing back.
  • Restoring the colours and the surface materials of the roof.
  • Safety clean solar panels without causing damage.
  • Fully qualified
  • Fully certified
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Very pleased with the results of our roof clean. Sergey and Joao worked hard all day and were meticulous in cleaning every part of the roof, gutters and soffits. The difference after removing 50 years' worth of grime from the tiles was amazing. They cleaned up carefully and the whole place looks like new. Highly recommended

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Tonny Edward

Superb from start to finish!
Good communication. The two guys arrived on time and worked really hard through the day to ensure the roof was cleaned and treated.
All mess etc was cleaned up and the windows were cleaned like new! Would highly recommend.
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Excellent service. Arrived on time. Covered everything up and left my patio cleaner than when they arrived! Much better value that the other quotes I got.