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About Us

Welcome to Assure Pro Work

Assured Pro Work is a well-trained, experienced and certified company that specialises in roof cleaning and other related services in Peterborough, Wisbech, Spalding, Long Sutton, King’s Lynn, Holbeach. We offer the work of skilled and experienced people who will quickly and effectively remove all the dirt and moss from your roof, gutter, solar panels, or even driveway and patios.
Our services are better than just the standard roof cleaning procedure. Unlike many other companies, we use standard products to remove the dirt and nonvascular plants, like moss, we continue with a Bio wash.
As a result, after the Bio wash is applied, it removes all the moss spores that haven’t been removed by the standard procedure, as well as removes and kills certain organisms, for instance, lichens. Eventually, the roof is clean and the Bio wash prevents moss or lichens from growing further in the future.
The products that we use won’t just remove the grime, dirt, organic plants, or organisms, they will also transform your roof. Even if your roof, gutter, patio, etc., look like they haven’t had a proper clean in a while, and it seems that the area won’t look like it’s new, our skilled specialists will change your mind.
The products that we use are safe for the environment and they won’t damage any tiles or surfaces that we clean. The best thing is that these products will even restore the materials and colours, so your roof will be as good as new. On one hand, we clean the roof with non-damaging products, and on the other, they restore the surfaces. Plus, you will forget about moss thanks to the moss killer for roofs that we apply.
Apart from specializing in roof cleaning, we have great skills at performing other related procedures.

We offer the following services:

Roof cleaning (standard or Bio wash)
Gutter cleaning
Solar panel cleaning
Driveway and patio cleaning

Even if you have a patio or a driveway that needs to be cleaned, we have some best patio cleaner offers. Solar panel maintenance could be a tricky thing to do, even though without a doubt very good for the environment and your wallet in the long run. But the solar panels still need to be cleaned from the dirt and various organisms. That is why we offer solar panel cleaning services.

Our service areas:

Long Sutton
King's Lynn

We offer a reasonable roof cleaning cost and rest assured, you will be satisfied with the quality of our services.