Patio and Driveway Service in Spalding, Peterborough, Wisbech, Holbeach, King's Lynn and Long Sutton

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When you move into a new house, it feels like the world surrounding it is more colourful. But unfortunately, time goes by, the weather conditions change, and everything affects the condition of the house. It doesn’t look as bright and colourful, and the overall appearance can be described by just one word – tired.

That’s when we can help. The house is not just the roof, gutter, exterior walls, etc., it’s also the patio and the driveways. If the surface is all covered with dirt, mud, moss, or even white or black lichens, it doesn’t add up to the pleasant view.

  - Roof Cleaning Service  

Our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning to restore your houses’ ‘new look’. Naturally, you can wipe off the leaves, dirt, sand, twigs, etc., from the driveway or patio, but it doesn’t mean that the surface is clean. To make sure it is 100% clean and overall looks like new, we use special equipment and cleaning products.
A lot of people underestimate this procedure. They think that the overall aesthetics doesn’t matter as long as the surfaces do their job – that is providing a solid surface. But avoiding the cleaning step will eventually ruin the materials used to install the driveway and patio surfaces. Moss, mould, lichens, and other organisms eventually ruin the materials. You notice cracks and other damage caused by lack of cleaning.

  - Roof Cleaning Service  

It’s a great idea to call for professional help. Even if you decide to clean the patio or a driveway on your own, it will take a lot of time and hard work, unless you have professional equipment. But in reality, it’s much more convenient and affordable to ask for professional help rather than investing in professional tools and doing the job on your own.

To clear the surface, we use a driveway pressure washer that will get rid of the thick layer of dirt you didn’t even imagine was there. It’s also useful in the process of cleaning the concrete driveway and can be used as a block paving cleaner.

The pressure that is applied quickly cleans the surfaces. Upon completion of the driveway pressure cleaning procedure, the specialists often use a liquid solution to prevent organic plants from growing back. The process is similar to roof cleaning, only it is applied to the surface of the driveways.

As for patio cleaning services, the system is similar. Whether you have tiles or bricks installed or a concrete surface, we will use a patio pressure washer. The patio jet wash is perfect for quickly getting rid of dirt. Since the materials are much more damage resistant, it’s a perfect solution to clean the patio.

We also use a pressure washer patio cleaner to completely get rid of all the dirt that is left. And if needed, we also apply moss killing products to prevent moss from growing back. As a result, your driveway and patio both are new and clean.