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Roof cleaning is recommended to accomplish regularly. It won’t just remove the dirt such as leaves, twigs, seeds, etc., from the roof, but it will prevent the damage. Moreover, a regular house roof cleaning can prevent moss and lichens from growing. Our company is using the best roof moss removal agents that will prevent it from growing back

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We begin with a regular high-pressure wash roof. The high-pressure cleaning of the roof, exterior walls, pavement, even pool decks will remove the dirt, old spots, and visible or not yet visible moss or lichens. We recommend accomplishing this procedure even if you don’t see moss or mould growing on top of the roof tiles. Not seeing the mould or moss doesn’t mean it isn’t there. High-pressure wash roof tile cleaning will remove everything that you don’t see. The procedure will eventually prevent huge damage to the roof tiles caused by mould.

The more mould grows on top of the roof tiles, the worse the damage will be, which will eventually lead to the necessity of replacing the roof materials. Our specialists inspect the area they need to clean and choose the best way of cleaning the surfaces by applying a powerwash. If the surface is old or too damaged, we might use a soft roof pressure washing that will remove all the dirt and visible moss. If the roof materials are new and not damaged, we apply more pressure roof cleaning services. Then we apply the moss killer for roofs to prevent moss from growing back.

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Biowash Roof Cleaning

Or we use the Biowash  roof cleaning procedure. Biowash is a liquid used to clean the roof tiles without causing any damage to the environment or the roof materials. It’s one of the most gentle and yet effective ways of removing the dirt, moss, lichens or mould, and restoring the natural beauty of the materials used. Removing moss from roof tiles by using Biowash cleaning is as effective as using a traditional power wash, but it is 100% not damaging.

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Using Biowash means that a worker doesn’t have to stand on top of the roof to apply high-pressure cleaning. The Biowash cleaning cleaning procedure usually takes 5 steps to complete:

  1. Our workers begin by applying special sheets to protect the plants and surrounding areas.
  2. We apply water to wet the tiles, then use a Biowash Cleaner. If the area is too dirty or even damaged, it might take several applications of the cleaner.
  3. Then we rinse off the Biowash cleaning, remove all the dirt or debris.
  4. During this step, we apply the special Protector product. It has biocides that kill the mould, moss spores, white or black lichens, etc. This step will ensure that the tiles won’t get damaged in the long run.
  5. We proceed with cleaning the gutter, pipes, or even driveways and patios at your request.
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We can even perform the conservatory roof cleaning by using the Biowash approach. Unlike most other roof cleaning companies, we offer different options, including high-pressure roof cleaning, not just Biowash. It is very powerful and gives immediate results, so we offer our clients to choose what type of procedure they want to order. We also offer a reasonable roof cleaning cost.



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