Solar Panel Cleaning Service in Spalding, Peterborough, Wisbech, Holbeach, King's Lynn and Long Sutton

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If you have solar panels installed on top of your house or near surrounding areas, you need to consider solar panel maintenance. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, allow users who have installed the solution to save a lot of money, and essentially have an independent working system that isn’t connected to any central system.

But of course, you have to clean the solar panels regularly. Cleaning solar panels is even a more responsible task than simply cleaning the roof or a driveway. During the process of solar panel cleaning, you shouldn’t use any damaging tools, abrasive cleansers, or damage the panels in any way. Needless to say, solar panels shouldn’t be scratched by using certain tools to remove the dirt.

The only solar panel cleaning solution is to use water. Even the power wash cleaning approach is a good idea to use since it isn’t damaging.

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If you aren’t sure whether it is time to clean your solar panels, here are a few tips on how to figure it out:

  • Inspect the surface of solar panels. Search for bird droppings, dirt, leaves, any other type of debris.
  • Most likely, you have a system that analyses the overall performance of solar panels. If it says that the system isn't performing well enough, it might be because the surface is blocked by dirt.
  • Specialists recommend turning to solar panel cleaning services at least once a year, or every once in a while. So, if you have panels for longer than a year but haven't yet cleaned them, it's probably time to turn to the help of an experienced company.
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We use only the best materials and tools to clean solar panels without causing any damage to the overall system and its performance. To clean solar panels, we often use just water, soap, or cleaner products, nonabrasive sponges, and other tools that won’t damage the surface of the solar panels.

To get rid of the main debris, we often use a simple garden hose. The pressure is too low to cause any damage to your solar panels. It’s an effective and simple way to clean the surface from the major dirt.

The next step is to use special non-abrasive cleaning products to get rid of all the dirt that may be left after the power wash procedure. We also use soft sponges, non-abrasive tools, other solar panel cleaning equipment to properly clean the surface without scratching it. As a result, you gain the best gain for your buck.
Our solar cleaning company offers the best prices for cleaning solar panels. We understand the importance of maintaining solar panels whereas not causing any damage. Surely, you may clean the surface of the solar panel system on your own, but the procedure is very affordable.
We have well-trained specialists that work quickly and effectively. Instead of spending all your day cleaning the solar panels, you can leave the task for us. We will quickly get rid of any debris and dirt so that your solar panel system will be as good as new.